Let The Morning Sickness Begin

Nothing like the pool of saliva that builds up in your mouth right before you vom. Lets just hope this was a one time experience. It could however just be the Chic Fillet that I had last night with Chloe, that I am now craving again. Mmmm chicken sandwich with ranch!

I’m having surgery on my mouth this morning and won’t be able to eat after so I will go eat now. Ill post an update after my surgery!


We Have A Little Heartbeat


I had an appointment with my OB this morning. During the ultrasound I saw the little nugget pulsating! Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll be honest…it’s a bit sad having to do these kinds of things alone right now, but I know I am never alone.

Plus, my mama is there for me and doing the best she can. I can’t complain…I”M HAVING A BABY!!!!




Wait, I Thought This Pregnancy Was Easy…

Perhaps I spoke to soon. Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve felt, well, more alive. Honestly, it’s like Mother Nature is working her magic. I fall asleep early (I’ve had insomnia since I was born) and I wake up with the Sun. No need for alarm clocks. I wake up full of energy and run with Babylon first thing in the morning. My days seem long and full of sunshine. I will admit, I get a little emotional at night, because I just want to be cuddled, but I’m sure that will pass.

Well tonight, I felt like my little creature was biting me from inside my stomach. I was out shopping with my mom and Chloe, and as they enjoyed telling me I will soon no longer fit into size Small, I just had to do it….yes…I unbuttoned my jeans. I didn’t think it was possible to bloat this fast, but perhaps because I was less than 100 lbs to begin with, the 8 lbs I have gained has gone straight to my belly and my boobs. Boobs, ah thats a funny one…two cup sizes in two weeks and I already want to chop them off. My tummy hurts, my clothes don’t fit, other people are celebrating my inability to continue being a size small, and I FEEL ALIVE!

My life is comical. Chaotic. Ridiculous. But none the less, my life is absolutely amazing. This baby has already brought so much happiness into my heart.


Practicing For The Future

Practicing For The Future

Today Babylon and I went to go play at the park with Chloe and the adorable little boy she takes care of. His name is Sam. Now let it be known, Sam is a character. I have met this little boy a dozen of times and NEVER does he want to talk or acknowledge my presence. Today I decided that was going to change.

I asked Chloe if Babylon and I could work our magic, and BAM!!! Babylon and I have a new boyfriend. We were running thru the park, going down slides, throwing the ball, and chasing the dog. Sams vocabulary seemed to multiply by 30. He was talking, woohooing, and giggling ALL day.

This made me so excited for when my little nugget comes. Every day keeps getting easier. I did a lot of planning for my future today and am just so excited about life right now. As my bestie would say, “My body just wants to dance.” I’m going to kick ass being a Mama. I can’t imagine how much joy playing with my own baby will be, but I am so very ready to embrace every second!


Reality Sets In

Reality Sets In

So it seems I really am pregnant. Never, never, never, did I think I would be in a position like this. This is the point where I realize whole-heartedly, that God has a plan. I have no clue what it is, but I know He has one.

I can’t run away from this, despite how difficult it may be. Jeff and I just broke up and he moved back to Illinois. That makes my heart ache.

Jeff and I had wanted to have a baby for so long, but why now? Why did I have to find out after we ended things. Well I have no answers, but I do have something…Faith.

I called Jeff and told him and much to my surprise, he was instantly supportive.

I have told my mom. I thought she was going to kill me, but much to my surprise, after the initial shock, she hugged me and told me she would support whatever decision I made. We have our ups and downs, but this gift from God has motivated me to get my life together. While sometimes my mother can still dramatize the situation, we have both learned how to detach ourselves from the negative emotions.

So this is it. Thats what will eventually form into our baby.