I Blinked And He Was 6 Months Old!


I don’t know how or when it happened, but Malakai is 6 months old today! I know every parent says it goes by fast, but sheesh, one second I was pushing him out and the next he is a 6 month old ladies man. My mom has been gone for over a month and I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she sees how big he’s gotten. He is 15lbs 8 oz and a little under 29 inches long! Tall and thin like his Baba! Over the past six months he has developed quite the personality and is considered a real person as far as I’m concerned. He is so silly; always squawking, squealing, smiling and laughing. Food! Can’t forget food! If you don’t want to share your food with him, you might as well hide in the closet and eat. He tries to snatch anything that anyone is eating around him.

Malakai is not interested in sitting up. If we put him in the sitting up position he immediately locks out his legs and tries to stand up. He loves holding on to my hands to stand and bounce. He is quite the chatterbox when he does this. Usually lets out little Tarzan screams. Its pretty adorable. It’s funny to see how similar his hyperactive personality is to his Mama’s and Baba’s! He gets really excited and clenches his fists as he shakes a little bit and I am 100% positive it is identical to how Jeff is with the puppies. Sometimes Jeff even gets like that with Malakai and asks me to take him or he might squeeze him to death. I wouldn’t doubt it. He’s just so squeezable!

Malakai loves other babies and animals. He mostly wants to grab them and put them in his mouth, as with pretty much any object at this point. His toys mean nothing to him if there is a pack of baby wipes around. Those are his absolute favorite. In fact, I have found him scooting across the living room floor just to grab them. Anything paper, really. He is still a little insect and fascinated by lights. But one of his favorite things to do is Boys Time.

Every morning between 6:30 and 8:30, Malakai wakes up next to me and gives me the “Wake up Baba! It’s Boys Time” smile. I throw him over to Jeff and they play together and watch Top Gear while Mama gets to have a “Spa Day” AKA sleep face down on my tummy on the other side of the bed. Its the little things you learn to appreciate once you become a parent.

The past 6 months have been absolutely amazing. I am so blessed to have this little stinker to hang out with every day. Being a Stay at Home Mama is wonderful. I never thought that would be me but it is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Confession: Last week after having a conversation with someone about how every parent has had their baby roll off the bed (or something) and me confidently saying it wouldn’t ever happen to me….it did just that. Malakai rolled over a small pillow and across the bed and I walked in to him half way thru his fall. I felt awful but he was fine about a minute later. Mother of the year right here!



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