Diaper Research Begins!

Diaper Research Begins!

So Jeff and I recently discussed the topic of Cloth diapers as we are both environmentally and economically conscious. Of course that meant that I would have to do most of the research and today, I did just that!

It started out fun, then I wanted to pull out my hair, I felt a bit overwhelmed, and finally…back to feeling good.

I can’t tell you how many different brands and reviews I have looked into but I am really liking the gDiapers. First of all, they are absolutely adorable, and secondly, I don’t actually have to clean poop with my hands! They have biodegradable/flushable inserts. You just take it out and flush, or put it in the trash, or even outside in the dirt?! Well, maybe I won’t be burying them but thats still cool.

I never realized how expensive disposable diapers are. My mom who was so against cloth diapers this morning, had a change of heart after we sat down and researched for hours. She is now a supporter. Oh, how many changes this baby is already making and he/she is not even here yet!

So no decisions have been made yet, but I have read more positive reviews than negative ones on the gDiaper, which is promising. Plus…they make the baby booty looks so darn cute! Ah!

A couple of good friends of mine, Nicole and Hector, are having a baby girl in October also and I talked with Nicole today as she is doing cloth diapers as well. It’s nice getting insight from other expecting mama’s or anyone who knows about it.

Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated!


One thought on “Diaper Research Begins!

  1. I need to look into these. Jon is against cloth diapering because he thinks it would be too complicated for someone babysitting or a grandparent to grasp. But it’s a diaper, it can’t be that complicated. Since I’ll be a SAHM I think they’re worth a shot!

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