The Cat Is Out Of The Bag


So tonight I told my father the news. He was pretty livid. I allowed him to feel however he wanted and I did not let it hinder my happiness. He immediately started asking why Jeff was so stupid and why I wasn’t smart enough to know how to have safe sex.  When my mom came home she had a talk with my brother and dad who both blamed her for MY pregnancy. Clearly, they are unhappy.

My mom handled it like a champ and defended me. She sent me this message a few minutes later which made me feel so much love and support from her. She really is handling this so well. I know it can’t be easy.

I came home and hung out with her and Chloe on my bed talking about the future and how we are going to give this baby the world. We giggled and told stories all evening! It was such a great night.

As I was giving her a kiss goodnight, I thanked her and she responded with, “Can I give your baby a kiss for the first time?” She bent down and kissed my little belly and told me if I told anyone she would deny it 🙂

I love you so much Mama. This little baby really is such a blessing already.


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