Wait, I Thought This Pregnancy Was Easy…

Perhaps I spoke to soon. Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve felt, well, more alive. Honestly, it’s like Mother Nature is working her magic. I fall asleep early (I’ve had insomnia since I was born) and I wake up with the Sun. No need for alarm clocks. I wake up full of energy and run with Babylon first thing in the morning. My days seem long and full of sunshine. I will admit, I get a little emotional at night, because I just want to be cuddled, but I’m sure that will pass.

Well tonight, I felt like my little creature was biting me from inside my stomach. I was out shopping with my mom and Chloe, and as they enjoyed telling me I will soon no longer fit into size Small, I just had to do it….yes…I unbuttoned my jeans. I didn’t think it was possible to bloat this fast, but perhaps because I was less than 100 lbs to begin with, the 8 lbs I have gained has gone straight to my belly and my boobs. Boobs, ah thats a funny one…two cup sizes in two weeks and I already want to chop them off. My tummy hurts, my clothes don’t fit, other people are celebrating my inability to continue being a size small, and I FEEL ALIVE!

My life is comical. Chaotic. Ridiculous. But none the less, my life is absolutely amazing. This baby has already brought so much happiness into my heart.


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