Practicing For The Future

Practicing For The Future

Today Babylon and I went to go play at the park with Chloe and the adorable little boy she takes care of. His name is Sam. Now let it be known, Sam is a character. I have met this little boy a dozen of times and NEVER does he want to talk or acknowledge my presence. Today I decided that was going to change.

I asked Chloe if Babylon and I could work our magic, and BAM!!! Babylon and I have a new boyfriend. We were running thru the park, going down slides, throwing the ball, and chasing the dog. Sams vocabulary seemed to multiply by 30. He was talking, woohooing, and giggling ALL day.

This made me so excited for when my little nugget comes. Every day keeps getting easier. I did a lot of planning for my future today and am just so excited about life right now. As my bestie would say, “My body just wants to dance.” I’m going to kick ass being a Mama. I can’t imagine how much joy playing with my own baby will be, but I am so very ready to embrace every second!


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