Reality Sets In

Reality Sets In

So it seems I really am pregnant. Never, never, never, did I think I would be in a position like this. This is the point where I realize whole-heartedly, that God has a plan. I have no clue what it is, but I know He has one.

I can’t run away from this, despite how difficult it may be. Jeff and I just broke up and he moved back to Illinois. That makes my heart ache.

Jeff and I had wanted to have a baby for so long, but why now? Why did I have to find out after we ended things. Well I have no answers, but I do have something…Faith.

I called Jeff and told him and much to my surprise, he was instantly supportive.

I have told my mom. I thought she was going to kill me, but much to my surprise, after the initial shock, she hugged me and told me she would support whatever decision I made. We have our ups and downs, but this gift from God has motivated me to get my life together. While sometimes my mother can still dramatize the situation, we have both learned how to detach ourselves from the negative emotions.

So this is it. Thats what will eventually form into our baby.


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